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Hiring? How to get the right people to interview

Posted by Scott Erwin on Apr 6, 2018 3:12:21 PM
Scott Erwin


Whether in the kitchen or front of house finding that magic person who ‘just gets us’ is getting harder. There’s more demand for the top people than ever before as we see skills shortages - particularly in the kitchen.

This makes recruiting time consuming and painful. We’ll look at the best ways to recruit but before you start the search it’s worth being prepared and knowing what to expect and how you’re going to deal with it.

But to start with let’s talk about the most frustrating thing in the industry when it comes to recruiting in hospitality.

No one shows up for interview.

Well, maybe not no one. But it’s not uncommon to hear that for  everyone 1 interview that happens a staggering 10 interviews get cancelled due to no shows.

This means that as a Manager or Assistant Manager you’re spending 3-4 hours organising interviews that never even happen.

So what are the best ways to stop this happening?

Telephone Screening

In most cases it’s best to get them in, meet face-to-face, and get them up on a trial shift. But before investing this time, and possible money on a trial shift, a 10 minute phone call can easily establish their attitude, team fit, and punctuality - if the call is set at a specific time.

Questions such as: What would you do if? What’s the best place you worked in and why? What’s your view on ? Can all help get to the bottom of if you’ll get on and their attitude is right from the go.

Interview Reminders

While it’s a bit of extra effort for you the day before to simply check in with: “Hey, still good for the interview tomorrow @ 11am?”. You’ll be able to maximise the time in your day if they say “No”, and for those who respond “Yes” in a timely and friendly manner are probably going to be the ones you can rely on to be responsive in future.

And then last way leads nicely into the ways to find your staff

Have a team member find a former colleague who fits the bill

People are much more likely to show up if their, or their valued friend’s, credibility is on the line.

This is also why Employee Referrals are one of the best ways to hire. When recommending a friend to work with you your currently employees are thinking:

  • Do I want to work with this person?
  • Will they be good to work with?
  • Could I work an intense double shift and now want to kill them?

The good part of this is that they’ll have decent idea of their skill level  and you can be almost certain they’ll fit in with your existing team’s culture - because one of their friend’s is already contributing to the it!

Check out our Six Step Guide to Creating an Employee Referral Scheme.

These three things will help you save time you'd otherwise spend wasted on hanging about waiting for candidates to turn up! If you've got any thing you think we should add let us know on 


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