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Introducing Peak from HireHand

Posted by Scott Collen on Apr 22, 2019 3:16:14 PM


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Research | What are your competitors paying their staff?

Posted by Scott Collen on May 16, 2018 4:48:47 PM

Hiring, retaining and training good quality staff is one of the biggest challenges facing any hospitality business especially when workers are looking for a place to work with good vibes, schedule flexibility, and variety of work tasks.

In the big London food fight that happens to keep and hire the best staff the main battleground is how much they get paid. 

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The Actual Hourly Cost of Hospitality Staff

Posted by Scott Erwin on Apr 12, 2018 1:46:01 PM

In food retail, “fully-loaded” is a term more frequently tossed around with an ambitious burger order than in the consideration of staff costs. When taking into account insurance, pensions and holiday pay, employers should add between 15 - 20% to the base hourly rate when calculating the actual hourly costs. A failure to consider the “fully loaded” cost of staff will, at best, render certain business KPIs such as staff cost / sales misleading and, at worst, sink your business.

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Hiring tip #1: Employee Referrals 

Posted by Scott Erwin on Apr 6, 2018 3:21:50 PM

Referral schemes are super successful. Everyone’s had a free cab off a friend from Uber, a free pizza from a mate via Deliveroo, or if you were lucky enough you’d have got some free money from PayPal when they started for getting a friend to use the service.

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Hiring? How to get the right people to interview

Posted by Scott Erwin on Apr 6, 2018 3:12:21 PM


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Here today, gone tomorrow - hospitality workers in London

Posted by Scott Erwin on Mar 29, 2018 10:40:39 AM


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